Dogscape Update!

We can officially report Stumpy the diseased peach tree is dead and gone! Hallelujah!

signs and office update 009

Normally I love trees, but this one was growing mushrooms, and all the branches were diseased. The peaches would fall before ripening, rot and invite all sorts of interesting wildlife into our backyard. We live near the river and some nights I felt we were in an animal planet documentary.Also peaches, especially the peach pits, should not go in a dog’s intestinal tract. (No, I will not go into further detail regarding our experience)


Thanks to our good friend, Erik at Placer Green Landscaping and Maintenance (who came over at 7am) and hubby, they tackled the job together. With a stump grinder the “Ericks” took care of Stumpy once and for all. (While I was doing the snoopy dance from the house)

Aside from the brown grass and huge hole, we now have a clean slate! Next on the To Do List will be to build a raised bed, automatic watering systems, plant more plants and add flagstone!