Everyone Should have a Dream Wall

What is a “Dream Wall?” DIYers have heard of a dream board or inspiration board. We clog up our Pinterest pages full of ideas and inspiration for the next project or post them on a blog. However we should all seriously consider creating our own “Dream Wall.” Where one wall of your home is used to display art work and items that remind you of a goal or dream you want to attain someday. Visualizing goals are so important to making a dream a reality. Essentially a “Dream Wall” is like taping a 3×5 index card to your bathroom mirror with your goals, except a lot more stylish!

Here is mine, can you take a guess on what my goal and dream might be?

wall decor and Adam's before pics 005

I’ve been collecting and photographing beach prints and photos for years with the hope of someday owning a little piece of the [expensive] California coast. A place our friends and family can use, and the dogs can chase seagulls on th beach. This Dream Wall, prominently displayed in my home office is a reminder every time we work on the budget, write, or plan the next DIY project. It is a fabulous way to keep you grounded and inspire you at the same time.

What does your “Dream Wall” look like?