Before, Move-in mayhem, and In Progress Pics

Time to start breaking out a few of the before and “in progress” pictures. We’ve been so busy with work, and projects our home is too much of a disaster zone to be snapping the perfect “after” shots just yet. However here are a few good pics to show what we’ve been up to these past months.

The Man Cave Recap…

Before (previous owners)

owners before pics 024

Before (move in mayhem and after the bedazzled popcorn ceilings were removed)

before garage pic4 before garage pic3 before garage pic 2

In progress…

progress-garage-pic-1 progress garage pic 2


workbench backsplash final

The Living Room

Before (previous owners with popcorn ceilings still intact)

owners before pics 030

In progress…


The Office…

Before (previous owners)

guest room before pic

Before (our move in mayhem)

office before pic 004 office before pic 003

In progress…

in progress office pic In progress pic

The Master bedroom (previous owners)

master before pic

Master bedroom Before (move in)….

master bedroom move in

We still have several rooms to go…Kitchen, dining room, two baths, and my “woman cave”…the guest house. We’re going through each room, very slowly, and with much TLC for this ol’ 1948 home. This home is in our dream neighborhood, so we don’t see ourselves moving anytime soon. We may even build up or out as time and money allows. Yet to be honest my first love is the backyard. We’re blessed here in California to have beautiful weather throughout the year, so to have an outdoor living space has been my dream for us and the dogs. We’ll be posting more dogscape updates throughout the summer. So many projects, so many blog posts, so much time!