Light it update!

We needed to shed some light in the guest studio/ my woman cave, I had found two amazing sea-side inspired exterior lights on sale at the Home Depot.coast light

Unfortunately the two light boxes set for these beauties weren’t routing to any wall switch. (This was only figured out after we had installed one of the lights)

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Look at how nice it looks! And I didn’t even electrocute myself installing it!

Hubby: Good job babe that does look really nice!

Me: I know right! I love the light it looks like something out of Coastal Living

Hubby: Yeah it does, except honey, how do you turn it off? 

I was so deflated and ready to return the lights. I was even walking around HD forlornly with my two little lights in hand contemplating, whether I should give them up or re-wire my entire guest house… When low in behold, an “angel” in an orange apron named John, came to my rescue in the electrical aisle and found me this…

oar curtains and dog bed pillows 001

My $3.99 push button switch solution, John even walked me through the installation and attached them to the lights while in the store. (I think every HD needs a John in their store…sorry for the pun) Here is how it looks from the front and back…

oar curtains and dog bed pillows 011 oar curtains and dog bed pillows 010

Now we’re not licensed electricians, which is why it so important to read the instructions for both light and the switch in order to safely convert a light. It also helps to have a “John” in your corner who happened to be a retired licensed electrician.

All in all you’re going to need a drill bit the same size as the push switch’s base. Drill the hole in the light base, for where you want the switch to be, then secure it with the nut and washer that comes with the switch. You will need an extra plastic electrical connector/nut to connect one of the black wires of the switch, to the light’s black wire. Then follow the instructions that comes with the light for the actual light install, if all else fails, have a licensed electrician install it if you’ve already had a bad experience with electricity. However adding a pull chain or push button switch is an easy and economical solution to your lighting dilemma…Done!

oar curtains and dog bed pillows 003