Fall Trees and Fab Freebies! $20 Challenge

free trees 012

Its fall and in Sacramento this is the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs. Also a great time to start our $20 Challenge. We’re going to see how many house updates and projects we can come up with under $20. With the holidays approaching, new roof installed and financial goals in 2014 its probably a good idea. Luckily the SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utilities District) Free Tree program and our friend Erik at Healthy Turf Lawn Aeration made our first $20 Challenge possible. Our back fence line was incredibly bare with only ugly telephone poles, until we added our privacy screens this last spring. Here is the latest pic of our trumpet vine filling in the screen nicely.  (Unfortunately the honey suckle next to it needs some more time)

free trees 011



First as part of the challenge we decided to install a submerged drip system by changing an old sprinkler pipe into a spigot. This required $4 worth of PVC connectors and a spigot, along with some leftover soaker hose.

free trees 003free trees 004free trees 005free trees 006

The last part was easy, we planted about 12 different shrubs and trees, including flax, nadina, and golden boxwood, thanks to a Home Depot $10 special and our friends at HTLA maintenance and landscaping . Oftentimes their clients want them to tear out perfectly good plants and trees. These guys don’t want to see good plants go to waste so we were able to snag a few free ones for our project.  Also with SMUD’s free tree program, and a little palm from the side yard,  we hope this will jump start our tropical dream backyard. The backyard still has a long way to go but hopefully with budget friendly ideas and a bit creativity, our bare and ugly backyard will have some worthy “after” shots someday. Grow little plants grow!free trees 012