Part 1: Kitchen Make-over…Let Us Introduce Our Kitchen

In my head my dream kitchen has:

Beautiful soapstone counters, two tone cabinetry, plank flooring, white subway tile backsplash, farm house sink, high ceilings, professional appliances…kind of like these…





(Of course this dream kitchen also has a professional chef and cleaning crew on staff as well)

But instead I have this…


How about that beauty eh?
Let’s get a close up of that tile…


And if the yellow, brown and tye-dyed wasn’t enough, did you happen to notice the “weed-like” tile imprint? Oh yeah a true seventies kitchen remodel happened here!
There are also cherries and a kelp-ish looking printed tile thrown in there too. (Just in case the psychedelic tile wasn’t enough) Of all the decades to remodel it had to be the seventies!

We’ve been living with this grooviness for over two years because a roof and asbestos abatement took precedent over a kitchen make-over. Even the budget friendly updates had to take a backseat.

Now we’ve finally had enough and put an end to our “dazed and confused” kitchen. Our plan:

We also intend to add new hardware, organize every inch of space and add new cabinet liners. In the coming weekends we’ll be revealing our kitchen’s transformation and all our cost saving strategies for a kitchen make-over on a shoe string budget. Happy weekend everyone!

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