So What is the Plan for 2015?…

Do you remember the office/guest room’s before pics…

Now here is the “After”…

Say what?!
No I did not accidentally flip flop the pictures. We really are starting out 2015 with a clean slate. We’re finally “cleaning house” of our college dorm and single days decor. The broken Big Lots and outdated Ikea furniture are going bye bye!

Don’t get us wrong, we are loyal to the big yellow and blue Swedish design, as well as killer prices. However after 11 years, it’s time to swap out some key furniture pieces and reconfigure wall decor. Rather than focus on filling a space based on what we’ve just had around or hand me downs, we are going to be on the hunt for quality, personalized and keepsake furniture.

We also need to do some major organization overhaul. (I think I counted 12 bankers boxes of files in our office closet that are waiting to be scanned then shredded)

Meanwhile the dogs are back to mischief and tearing up their sheets and bed when we’re at work. (Apparently they were feeling our burn-out and long work hours too) Thus we need to keep them in mind when choosing new decor, as well as balancing business, work and the all important dog walks.

Therefore the whole family is focused on balance, following the plan and “dog proofing” the house in 2015.

The diy plan is very simple:
1. Redesign our guest/office
2. Finish the unfinished projects (the kitchen, eat in dining room, living room, backyard and master bedroom)
3. Get a start on the guest house/apartment (right now it’s just glorified storage space)

We do have a few surprises up our sleeves, this year. (But scared to jinx them by posting too soon)
Maybe along the way we’ll manage some honest to goodness “after” pics, but we’re not going to rush into design choices. Nor do we want to suffer from diy burn-out again. In the meantime follow us on Pinterest for some style sneak peeks and our design inspiration. Like these dual office and guest rooms…





We are excited for 2015, finding balance, some big changes and even clean slates. Happy Sunday everyone!

4 thoughts on “So What is the Plan for 2015?…

  1. Love your blog! Just and idea as we are thinking of redoing our guest room / office as well. We are going to use the closet in the guest room to put a Murphy Bed in. The closet is wide enough that we could either do a Full Size or Queen Size Murphy Bed. This way the bed doesn’t have to be out all the time and can be pulled down for guest. The room will normally function as an office but when guest are over we can pull down the bed. You can also add lighting in the closet and such so it feels more like a headboard. Just an idea to help ya’ll!

    • Thanks Christy what a creative solution! Our current ikea hemnes guest bed folds out to be a king, but that could totally work for out guest house/studio! Killer space saving idea! Do you have pics yet of your guest room? Would love to follow your progress and more of your ideas!😃

      • No problem ! I actually found your blog as I’m looking to start my own about renovating your home to host your wedding rather than renting a venue and loved your DIY Wedding. Once I get it up and running I can send you the link as I’m sure I could use some of your awesome input! I loved your wedding and we are in NorCal too!! I have pics of the guest room but its pretty barren right now. With planning the wedding we’re trying to focus on our backyard. Oh and we also have dogs that have destroyed our yard too so reading your blog is making me laugh bc its like we are the same people

      • Sounds great! Can’t wait to see the website and look forward to reading about all the house/landscaping projects, as well as the wedding😄 Keep in touch and so glad to meet another Norcal blogger!

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