Why I Spent Valentines in My Attic…So Romantic!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day. As my friends posted pictures of roses, chocolates, romantic dinners and jewelry, I started to wonder if something was wrong with me? I had an amazingly romantic day; trips to my favorite stores, Costco and Home Depot, followed by crawling around in the attic with my husband. How more romantic can you get?!

This is in complete seriousness. My husband knew one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts he could give me was finish two house projects that are near and dear to my heart.

The first project on the list was organize and set up the basement to be the perfect storage space. Complete with cold storage since I love to freezer cook. (prepping meals ahead of time then freezing) We’re super busy career folks, so more healthy home cooked meals, with less cooking the better.
Therefore we spent yesterday morning picking up my equivalent of a “dozen roses”…

Next came Project número dos…

Ugly right?…This is a picture of one vintage speaker in the attic…

As we said last week, it was a semi reveal of our Midcentury built-in. We still need to restore the speaker system. Hence yesterday afternoon was spent together crawling around the attic assessing the project. (Because nothing says “I love you” more than picking cobwebs and roof debris out of each other’s hair)

We also need a better solution for organizing and hiding all the cords of our vintage audio equipment.

Unfortunately after truly assessing the project, we’ll need our electrician friend (who also restores vintage audio systems) come out to help tackle it. We’re not going to mess with our hvac system in order to restore a single speaker, so we’ll let him guide us in the best direction. All in all I hope you had a romantic and fabulous Valentine’s Day. I know I did! (yes I know I’m a DIY nerd)
However I think the hubby is grateful to be crawling through an attic versus “ahem” sit through a “shady” movie that opened this weekend. 😉
Happy Sunday everyone!

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