It’s the Little Fixes that Count

I wish we had some amazing before and afters this week but really we haven’t done anything DIY. (That will have to wait till next Sunday😉) We’re keeping this week’s post short and sweet. We have a big new summer project in store, and right now knee deep in the midst of it. Yet we did manage to complete a small project that has been bugging me for two years… 


Good bye two tone ugliness…How do you like the closed-off cat door? (At least we scraped off the duct tape around it before I took this pic) And it wasn’t just one back door but two… 

   One of the reasons we ignored this little project was because replacing all the doors has been on the “someday” list. Well, I couldn’t wait around for “someday” and just pulled out the leftover exterior trim paint. So here are now the afters…

Guest house…


 Back mud room… 
No duct tape, no chipping, and dirty light blue paint.#PaintForTheWin!😀 Closed off cat door is still there but less ugly. I love the windows in these original doors and now they just pop against the light blue exterior. We promise next weekend we’ll have an exciting new project. Yet these little fixes count in the long run  and sometimes a lot of satisfaction. Always one small step in the right direction. Happy Sunday everyone! 

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