Mancave Make-over

We admittedly got a slow start updating our second home. The main reason was because we learned from our first home, how difficult it is to live in the midst of a renovtion. As you can see below,  that is home depot blue outdoor carpeting.  We lived on pieces of it for 6 months while we saved money for flooring. There was one advantage to the outdoor carpet…We were also in the process of potty training our puppy.

(That is Sutter at 10 weeks old! Such a cutie!)


Essentially we lived directly on the concrete slab, no padding, all through the winter. The first house barely had a working bathroom, a mud pond for a backyard, popcorn ceiling, the list went on and on… Therefore we were not in a rush to undertake ANY remodeling on our second home.

The other reasons we were slow to renovate was because of our wedding and a career change. However hubby’s birthday was coming up and he needed the ultimate birthday gift…A man cave!

Good starting point right? Com’on you can’t really mess up a man cave!

There was a catch…It had multiple functions: a gym, a place to hang with friends, work space and (of course) dog space…. I had a lot of work ahead of me.

Luckily the bedazzled popcorn ceilings were gone. Yet we still had bright orange wood paneling, two tone cabinets (and not in a good way), beaten up workbench, and did I also mention the wasp nests and black widows…The garage needed more than a good cleaning, it needed an overhaul.See the before pics…

before garage pic before garage pic 2

before garage pic4

Here was the TO DO list, break down:

1. Re-stain orange wood paneling a darker shade

2. Paint the cabinets, and work bench. Add new hardware

3. Cover old grout on paneling above the workbench

4. Paint and decorate the walls

5. Organize, and clean, clean, clean!

6. Keep the budget really low…Because men are normally happiest with creative gifts you spend the least amount of money on…wink, wink…

Here are some (in progress) “pseudo-after” pics…




Total cost and materials:

-Glidden (1gal) cement gray for west wall $23

-Glidden (1qt) custom color match of denim blue $14

-Dark Mission oak stain (1gal) $21

-10 chrome hardware handles $1.12

-16 roof flashing tiles $0.78

Total cost $81.68

I hope to change out some light fixtures, add custom shelving and even considering staining/sealing the concrete at some point. However this will be a  L-O-N-G project as there are many other rooms to update. (I’m sure batman did not build the bat cave overnight.) Both dogs and hubby love the new and improved man cave…. And I won the “wife of the year” award with just a little paint, and some elbow grease.

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