Hospital Walls Are Caving In On Me!

As the ceilings were still being painted, and fences installed I started planning paint colors. We were over at the new house taping up paint chips and testing colors on the walls. However we also wanted to ensure the dogs were being acclimated to the new backyard and home. We did not need our own dramatic version of Homeward Bound Dobes.

homeward bound dobes

Therefore we were taking daily jaunts over to the new house after work. Bringing over a few boxes at a time, with the dogs in tow.

As for painting I was going a little nuts trying to figure out a color scheme. Hubby reigned me in with logic…

  1. We haven’t lived in the house yet and don’t know how our furniture will look.
  2. Our mischievous dogs, had already wrecked a few paint jobs.

He knew if I had a chance I would go on a painting spree and then do it all over again because I wouldn’t be satisfied. Therefore we compromised, paint one room initially then figure out the rest later. Hmmm…Which room to paint?

I settled on the living room, because the current color was making me looney! It was literally the color of hospital walls. You know, that weird beige color stuck between peach and pink. I don’t know how the previous owner mastered that shade, but considering I was working in a medical clinic, I did not want to literally bring my work home with me…Here’s a before pic (I scrounged off the previous for sale website) so you can see the full effect of hospital beige meets burgundy fire place.

living room before pic

The color I ended up choosing was Olivewood by Glidden. However I knew if I wanted a green tone living room, the red 1940s brick had to go. (Or else it would look like Christmas year round) Taking a cue from Young House Love, (and a couple glasses of wine for courage) I painted the fireplace white. Here is an after shot.


Still a work in progress but at least I don’t live in a hospital anymore.