“Getting Skimmy With It”…Ikea Hack: Skimboard Coffee Table Or Kid’s Table

Ikea hack skimboard coffee table

This project is dedicated to my little brothers, two amazingly talented guys who can do every board sport imaginable. They were visiting us the weekend I decided to tackle it and very grateful for their help. Turned out, this project was incredibly easy, cheap and fun to make! Also it was given two thumbs up from a 16 year old and 26 year old, so I’m assuming its “guy approved.” Maybe big sister is down with the kids these days?…Nah!

However we do have a nephew coming soon, so perhaps this would make a great coloring table or a bedside table for the little guy someday? I could totally see this project used in a little boys room!

Here’s how we did it…

First I found an older and (still grimy) skimboard at the Sacramento Antique fair a couple weeks back. As you can see it was still full of wax and sand. IMG_0638IMG_0637

Next  delicately scrapping and sanding off the grime with a putty knife and fine sanding sponge/block. (Luckily little bro, who worked in a ski repair shop showed me the technique without scraping the skimboard wood, )


Then came the table legs…These were actually from an Ikea Vilmar chair for $10 and legs are sold separately. Sweet! (Because I would not know what do with half a chair lying around) Once all the grime was scraped away the little skimboard looked a thousand times better. We flipped the board up upside down, assembled the legs and little brother bent the legs to lie flush against the wood. Then we drilled small pilot holes into the wood through the chair leg holes.

IMG_0644 IMG_0690  Using leftover eye screws from our hanging rope shelves project and a few washers we screwed them into the wood.

IMG_0692IMG_0693 I thought everything was great till the guys said it needed a place to put the TV remotes….Luckily I had a little metal basket around the house and left over rope from the hanging shelves project. Using my knot tying skills from the navy (Who would’ve thought I’d ever use them again? But apparently they’re good for decorating wedding napkins and now Ikea Hacks) I wove the rope through the basket and eye screws.


We parked this project up in the “Girl cave”/guest studio where all the other fun, and sea inspired decor hangs out. Finally this skimboard, turned fun and cheap coffee table was ready for drinks, TV remotes, and little brothers to prop their feet on!

Ikea hack skimboard coffee table

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