Mustard Yellow Walls…And the Best Dog Toy EVER!

Oh yes, I said mustard yellow walls! Combine those with red brick, lime green/orange accents, popcorn ceilings, tye dyed yellow brown countertops…Nice visual right? Luckily we saw through the ugliness and bought this little gem of a house. Now we’re going through the slow and tedious process of bringing it back to a neutral color scheme.

Back to mustard yellow walls…Here…

Up above here…

Oh and also in the laundry/mud room…But since it’s laundry weekend no pics today (I think hubby draws the line at the world seeing his boxer briefs) 😉
Now we’re in the process of priming and ousting the yellow…(I like mustard on my veggie burger, not on my walls!) Also check out this wall texture…

It took us three coats of primer just to cover up our “French’s” yellow and spray on texture, but entirely worth it in the end…

We haven’t chosen the final paint colors yet, because we still need to make over our box light. Learning from our fireplace experience, lighting is crucial in selecting the right paint color for your space. Yet for now we’re just happy so see the yellow gone. (Sooo happy!)
In the meantime the dogs have been amazingly well behaved despite our marathon painting weekends. The reason? We have these toys to thank for it…

Nature’s Champions training treats and treat ball combo pack. (We found this at our local Costco) This is not a sponsored post, we just L-O-V-E these toys! Why? Because they’re:
1. Budget friendly (meaning you can replace the training treats with regular dog kibble)
2. Keeps the pups occupado, (especially when you have many walls to paint)
3. Mentally challenges our dogs (which is important if you have super smart dobermans) .
4. Lastly these balls are pretty tough (And with these two bruisers we need tough toys)

Basically you fill the balls up with the training treats or kibble, and the dogs have to roll them around to release the treats. Us and our pups are smitten…Sierra even sleeps with her “busy ball” and Sutter carries it around in his mouth like a pacifier.

For $13 each these are the best, budget friendly dog toy for us year to date. We hope this little review helps a few desperate pup parents out there. Happy Sunday everyone!

“Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, but a personalized experience. Dogs and their owners are different, therefore all results and experiences using the Natures Champions Omega training ball will vary. Always follow the manufacturers instructions, cautions and disclaimers.”

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