Birthday, Blogiversary, and Baby!

As we mentioned last Sunday, this week we’re taking a small break to celebrate a few milestones, like…


We never dreamed our little diy and dog crazy corner of the internet would’ve lasted a month let alone a year?! Or even our friends and awesome readers would appreciate and Pinterest our design style .We call it “necessity meets hand me down chic” for now.

Thank you again for reading! Hopefully a few of our crazy ikea hacks and diy dog- friendly designs have helped a few people out there in the inter-world.

This past year has been such a learning experience, if you can’t tell from changing fonts, to grainy photos, and grammatical errors. This next year is to find balance between the world of social media and our busy home life. We have met some amazing diy couples and new blogging friends over the past year. Hopefully we can learn and adopt some of their strategies for balance.

Now on to Birthday and Baby!!! No it’s not what you’re thinking…I’m just reflecting on how awesome this birthday week has been, we were able to meet our sweet baby nephew for the first time…

Which is why all diy and kitchen is on hold people! Smelling and cuddling a squishy baby takes priority!

We were so blessed to share this week with my sister and bro in law, two dedicated people who have sacrificed so much of their careers and personal lives to the military and who deserve to be honored this weekend! They are such amazing new parents! (In fact I probably will steal their parenting techniques and use them with the dogs)

Now I’m getting all mushy, and rambling so ending this with a Happy Memorial Day weekend and Happy Sunday everyone!

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