Stealth Microwaves and Toasters…Hiding those pesky kitchen appliances

Remember when…

…the appliances took up the counter…Remember when…

Microwaves were a total eyesore…
(Warning: cheesy blog post intros always occur when country music is playing in the background) Hopefully you don’t have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.
Luckily between countertops and backsplash we remembered to include our little kitchen appliance update. Notice how the “after” pics are missing a few pesky coffee makers, and a microwave…

Well, we did the unthinkable for those of us with a tiny kitchen don’t do, we high jacked much needed cabinet space…before…




And finally found the perfect place for our toaster and blender…

All it took was knocking out and removing a few extra shelves, and having our electrician friend wire a couple outlets to the inside of a shelf for the microwave. We did lose some valuable kitchen “real estate” for storage but right now we’re changing our lifestyle to “less is more”. (I don’t know if it’s because we’re now in our thirties, or if we’ve just lived in little houses for too long that we’ve turned this corner?) Perhaps you have a couple cabinets that just need some organization too?… Having a stealth toaster and microwave…in Martha’s famous words…”it’s a good thing” Happy Sunday everyone!

6 thoughts on “Stealth Microwaves and Toasters…Hiding those pesky kitchen appliances

  1. I think especially in small kitchens its important to get the counters cleared! I wish we had a cabinet that would work for our microwave – i think the solution is going to be putting in an over the stove vented microwave for us! (And losing the little cabinet above the current vent).

    Also, I still cannot believe hoe AMAZING those counters came out!

  2. I like it. We have an open cabinet about our built in oven that I need to find a door for so that the microwave is hidden. It is amazing how much better things look once you clear the countertops off isn’t it?

    • Thank you! We are so glad we gave up the cabinet storage-preventative measures from becoming a pasta hoarder…I could not believe how many bags of pasta I had:-) share pics when you find your cabinet door

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