On the Fence…

butterfly fence art

Do you have a bare, and lonely fence? Why not give it some butterfly friends? Apparently butterflies are all the home decor rage and I’m the DIY blogger late to the butterfly party…Our project inspiration came from these beauties at Katrina’s awesome blog Design Fabulous.

I may not be an interior designer by nature, but I absolutely love landscaping and yard art.

We needed a focal point in our backyard (other than telephone poles and wires), between our privacy screens. Also this butterfly yard art has to be tough, able to stand up to the elements and Sacramento heat…Hence redwood fencing and roof flashing butterfly fence art!

Here it is again, peeking out to the side of our redwood privacy screen.

butterfly fence art 016The materials were free from our previous Fence staining and Roof flashing backsplash projects. This little guy is very economical, simple and easy to create.

First, find some butterfly clip art in Word, cut out the shapes to create a stencil, and trace them onto the roof flashing with a sharpie.

butterfly fence art 001butterfly fence art 002

Next with heavy duty tin snips, cut out the butteflies. Gardening gloves may be recommended and do be careful when cutting the roof flashing, it can be sharp. (This project is definitely for adults and specifically those who aren’t prone to accidents.)

butterfly fence art 003butterfly fence art 004

Also don’t kill your hands and spirits by trying to tackle it all in one day. Cutting out butterflies with tin snips can take some time and your hands will be sore, best strategy is to cut a few at a time each evening.

Next, using scraps of redwood fencing we lined up the boards and drilled them together with two horizontal fence pieces. (Making sure to use screws that were no longer than the wood width, to create a canvas on the opposite side without screw punctures)

butterfly fence art 005butterfly fence art 006

Then taking the metal butterflies and some tiny picture nails, we hammered them into the wood at different angles. Another neat trick was to bend the metal flashing to give the look of butterflies in flight.

butterfly fence art 007

Finally we screwed some picture hanging hardware and a plastic covered wire on the back.

butterfly fence art 008

Setting two wood screws into the strongest part of the fence and using a level to make sure the art piece would hang straight. Easy Butterfly Fence Art!

butterfly fence art 001 with graphic