Finishing the Unfinished…(IKEA Hack Pax Side Murphy Dog Bed)

On our blog we don’t try to hide the mess, the mayham or the unfinished…

(We just pretend it was meant to look that way) 😉

Last year we hacked a clearance Ikea Pax wardrobe to create a simple Side Murphy bed. Super easy and fun project! (Even though we use this for our dogs, the bed could work for us two legged folks as well) 

You can click here to read the original How-to, however we’ve made some minor changes recently (like actually finish this project) …

What an improvement! Subtle, but changes the look completely. (It’s like  having braces on your teeth to now a perfectly white, straight smile)

  To be honest, it was out of necessity that we changed it from an awkward, not-quite-bar, into a faux Midcentury sideboard/buffet. The necessity turned out to be Super Bowl 2015, and we needed a very tall snack station. Mainly to prevent super-sized puppies from sticking their noses in bean dip when no one was looking. (Sutter is the height of a small Great Dane so standard tables are no obstacle for him) Heres what we did:

Moving the wood front piece was pretty simple, we just unscrewed the piano hinge connected to the Pax. Placed the board at the edge of the bottom piece (towards the front) and screwed it back in place.

The second change required more thought but still pretty easy. First we went shopping for matching board and had it cut to size at Home Depot. 

Then if you have ever hacked IKEA furniture I’m sure you have extra dowels hanging around the house (if not they are normally available to buy at Home Depot). 

We drilled holes in the board the size of the dowels and then lined up the board at the end of the pax. 

Once satisfied with the placement we glued the pieces in place with gorilla wood glue. The weight of the boards kept the side piece in place but we had to get “creative” when gluing the small front piece…

The one safety tip we highly recommend is to add a “safety chain” to the inside of the pax wardrobe and drill it to the front piece. In case the latch slips or you have little ones you don’t want the front piece to fall on a toe, etc. (Unfortunately we can’t recommend a specific kind because it’s based on the weight and how you customize the front piece of you Murphy bed) These types of door safety chain kits should be available at your local hardware store. 

Overall the  dogs are happy, and we’re happy with the final outcome to this project. 

For someone with limited space, it is absolutely fantastic to hide away a bed. As a pet parent, it’s even better to hide dog beds, toys, etc for two massive pups! Hope our Ikea hack helps your doggy dilemma! Happy Sunday everyone! 


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5 thoughts on “Finishing the Unfinished…(IKEA Hack Pax Side Murphy Dog Bed)

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  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea! We live in a 1300 sq ft townhouse with a 54 lb 6 month old pup! We’re in trouble!! 🙂

    My question is….do you know of another IKEA piece that would work in place of the wardrobe? I don’t know that I would be so lucky to find what you found in the AS IS section.

    • Aww thanks! That warms my heart! Hmmm, well I know they always have these wardrobes in my local (Sacramento) ikea’s “as is” section. I’m hoping you find one too☺️Hmm maybe the malm dresser but without the drawers? Any wardrobe or dresser may work, depending on your dog bed or mattress.

  3. Hi! These are great ideas. I’m wondering, can you possibly provide links to the products you used? I’m not sure what size mattress from Ikea you had or which of the PAX systems you used to create this. Would love a bit more detail before starting to recreate. Thanks!

    • Hi Elizabeth, We used a Pax wardrobe frame, in the discounted/”as is” section. Based on the dimensions this is the closest online However we also customized the Pax by adapting the set-up to fit the plywood we had on hand and our space requirements. (So dimension will be based on your personal needs) I also used the mattresses that fit the Hemnes daybed and I think they are Meistervik and Minnesund. Good luck with your project!

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