Homemade Holiday Present…For the “Beer Lover” in your Life

Do you have a beer loving, brother, cousin, or friend? And does this person have a bachelor pad or even a significant other who doesn’t mind beer bottle cap decor in their house? (I think my little sister and bro in law might fall under this category…sorry guys, but I promise you’ll LOVE the other gift I made you)

Then you’re in luck! Here is another inexpensive, homemade holiday gift sure to wow that beer lover in your life…

diy gift beer bottle cap refrigerator magnets

Unfortunately this present never made it to the lil bro in time for Christmas (due to glue drying issues…more on that) however he was pretty stoked about the last minute replacement gift of a porcelain red solo cup. (Classy right?) My younger brother lives in a total bachelor pad, is a beer lover and our family mountain man. I’m sure you have one of these kinds of guys in your life and here is an easy and inexpensive gift to make for them:


Beer bottle caps (these were “painstakingly” provided by my husband and friends, thanks for taking one for the team boys!)

Glue (We found gorilla glue worked the best in the end, don’t base it on our pictures and go with Tacky glue)

Peel and stick magnets

Cork mat remnants (I found mine at Target two years ago, for another craft and used the leftovers, but I’m pretty sure Target still sells them)


First round up your bottle caps, then trace them onto the cork mat. diy gift beer bottle cap magnets 002

Next cut out the cork circles with scissors, add glue generously to the inside of the bottle cap and press the cork circle onto the glue. (Don’t worry about the cork not fitting just right, the cork crumbles and rips away easily enough so we were able to fit it to the cap)

diy gift beer bottle cap magnets 001

The following step, while the glue dried, we traced the bottle cap circles onto to peel and stick magnets, then cut them with scissors. diy gift beer bottle cap magnets 003

Finally we unpeeled the magnets paper backing, added additional glue to the cork, and placed the magnet on cork. (Sorry again, a note on the glue, don’t use Tacky glue, go with something stronger.)

diy gift beer bottle cap magnets 004

Another inexpensive, easy, holiday gift idea for the beer lover in your life, and to follow after our DIY seashell gifts from this year… One more for next week…Happy Sunday everyone!

diy gift beer bottle cap refrigerator magnets