Did you miss us? Where are we today…

Summer is nearly over! Hopefully you’re all out doing something amazing this Labor Day weekend! We’ve spent the last couple Sundays trying to squeeze in as little diy labor and as much summer fun with the pups as possible. (Sorry folks we’ll be back to tackling fall house projects soon enough) Today we’re hiding out over at Studiogblog.com a website all about beautifully designed gardens and fabulous backyard inspiration.

We were thrilled when they asked to feature our (nearly) dog proof backyard makeover! The website is just gorgeous, filled with gardening inspiration, and is an absolutely addicting website. Send LHBD some love, leave a comment or like us on FB, while you’re checking out studiogblog.com In the meantime the pups and us wish you all a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend! Happy Sunday everyone!

Happy Dogs, Vintage Trailers and Chicken Soup

What do they all have in common?


Give up yet? We did not lift a diy finger at all this weekend. Instead we spent time with the pups, laying on couches, and eating chicken soup while we tried to get over our summer colds. I also spent way too much time on Pinterest. (The best way to mindlessly waste a Sunday afternoon when sick) Our few ventures out of the house this weekend were to pick up a craigslist shell for the truck…


( Wait did she just say truck?! Aren’t they little car people?) Yes, finally after 6 long years, we pulled the trigger and bought a used truck. You’d think after a couple fixer homes and monstrous dogs, a truck would’ve been very practical.


Now both us and especially the pups are in love. The world of camping and adventures has been opened up to us. Including the dream of owning and restoring a vintage trailer.

I’ve been blog stalking Kristiana of Silvertrailer.com ever since she’s been featured in Sac Magazine 4 years ago. Her air streams are just gorgeous!



However renovating these beauties are a bit pricey, and towing them even more so. Considering we’re tent campers by experience, I’ve turned my interest towards the idea of renovating a tent trailer. Compact, light weight, and inexpensive (used), renovating a tent trailer seems like a great baby step towards an actual airstream someday. Especially when there are so many cute ideas floating about on Pinterest…





(Via Pinterest)

If you follow us on Pinterest you’ll see our outdoor adventure board filling up with all these wonderful sources of inspiration. The idea of renovating another little home “on wheels” is such motivation to save our pennies, and break out the tool box…I think once I’m over this cold the DIY sickness will strike again…Happy Sunday everyone!

Big Dogs Best Travel Gear

No DIY this weekend! No house projects or crafts! Just good ol’ relaxing and quality time spent with pups. We realized the summer is speeding past us and we can count only two weekends away with the dogs.

Speaking of which, if you aren’t yet following us on Pinterest, we have an inspiration board devoted to dog friendly travel. However traveling with two large dogs in tow is not always the easiest…At least without the right gear. Therefore we rounded up our favorite dog gear for easy camping, and travel with the pups.


1. Natures Miracle Port-A-Crate

These crates have been crucial for stress free, dog friendly travel. The crates are durable, light weight and easily fold flat to fit into car trunks. Here is our crate after 5 years of wear and tear, and it still looks fabulous.NATURES-MIRACLE-Port-A-Crate-Dog-Crate-.jpg

When the dogs see the crates getting packed in the car they know it’s vacation time!

2. Armarkat Pet Bed w Waterproof Lining, Non Skid Base

We think we finally found the perfect dog beds to fit inside the crates. Supposedly waterproof, washable, and durable orthopedic dog beds. We’ve used egg crate mattress toppers and pillows to make due over the last few years but as the dogs are now “middle aged” we figured we’d invest in some age appropriate beds for them.

3.Easy walk dog harnesses


These front lead dog harnesses are perfect for long hikes. The dogs pull less than the traditional back lead harnesses and less strain on their backs/necks for tireless hiking.

4. OllyDog Mt Tam Hands-Free Dog Leash and Running Belt System


Believe it or not these were on our wedding gift registry at REI. Perfect for runs on the beach with fido, we added carabiners to the leash ends for easier clipping in and out of the harness. The pack has just enough room for an iphone, hotel key and plastic baggies for poop duty.

5. Precision Pet Eight Panel Silver Wire Pen



This is another new product for us. The verdict is still out for whether these wire pens can stand-up to our two huge dogs . However when camping these seem to beat long tethers that they can get tangled in. (We’re going to try staking them to the ground for added support)

6. Musher’s Secret


This wax is amazing! Cracked paws begone! It saves our pups paws on the trail and general protection from long distance walks. Since our dogs won’t wear booties, this is the most economical and best option for paw protection.

7. OllyDog Dog Pack – Large – 2014 Overstock


These were another favorite from our wedding registry, that allow for easy hiking. The pups can carry they’re water and kibble in comfort. Maybe even a beer can or two. (hey the dogs need to earn their keep once in a while)

8. Remedy+Recovery Liquid Bandage For Dogs


This stuff is essential for travel first aid. I can’t tell you how many times our dogs cut a leg or paw on rocks, tree branches, etc. The liquid bandage is a quick remedy and dries fast. (We never leave on trips without it)

9 . Ruffwear The Beacon Pet Light


Finally the last of our favorite travel gear is the beacon light. Why? Ever try to see your black dog at night? Well our dobes have the perfect night camouflage so these are essential for safety and night time walks.

Hope our little list has helped all you dog parents out there. We are always on the search for great gear and ways to travel stress free with your dogs. Happy Sunday everyone!

Be Careful of What You Promise Husbands…

Hubbs (Eric) had but one request when we first moved into our home…He asked that the living room “doesn’t look girly.” It’s taken a year to understand what that means to me (no floral prints, salmon colored anything, white furniture, etc) Luckily this is a style request we both agree on and find marital bliss with “masculine”. To this point our “style” has been more like “hand-me-down-chic”. We’re only now realizing we’re in our thirties and the house needs to look less like a college dorm and attempt to decorate.

My biggest decorating quandary had been the living room…(specifically the walls)


(I snapped this pic on a morning running out the door to work, no staging, no cleaning.) As you can see a guy lives here. However this is still the first room upon entering the house so something needed to be done.

Except I ignored the room for two more years, until one fateful day this spring and found something ridiculously amazing…


Four original blue prints of our 1948 home rolled up and hidden in a cabinet!

I’ve been in love with blue prints as art for years!



OK how ridiculously cute dogs even look as blue prints! (Imagine a high pitched squeal of delight)framed-blue-print-of-dog.jpg


It must have been kismet to find these blue prints and finally a solution for “masculine” looking art work. Michaels coupons in hand I was able to score four beautiful frames and matting for $60.  Then up on the wall they went!


Now another Before…


And After…


I think we can all agree the room looks a bit more “mature”, less hand me down chic, and definitely that a guy lives here. Someday there will be a perfectly staged photo that belongs in Sunset magazine or House beautiful, but for now I’m just happy I have decorated walls and it’s clean! Happy Sunday everyone!