Happy Fathers Day!

Better late than never…We only sort of fell off the face of the earth this weekend…Or at least we could’ve stepped off it…

This was one of the many beautiful views from our Father’s Day weekend. My dad is a hang glider pilot…41 years he’s been jumping off mountains with nothing but essentially a kite…And for 31 years I’ve been his kid; camping, trekking and driving to some of the most gorgeous views (and a few not so gorgeous campsites) all over Northern California.


This was Eric’s first time (and the pups) to experience the hang gliding “culture” first hand. A group of awesome guys and gals (with just enough adrenaline addiction) to soar motor less 14, 15, 16,000 feet in the air.
Do I hang glide? Absolutely not! Scared out of my pants of heights! Only one in the family to not have jumped out of a plane or soared in the sky. But I do have an incredible appreciation of the nature, company and camping experiences that come with the flying community.



Thanks pops for raising a daughter who loves Northern California, would choose a pair of hiking boots over high heels and a deep respect for Mother Nature. Happy Father’s Day! And happy Sunday everyone!

PS…We’ve received a lot of “travelling with big dogs” questions this past year. In the coming weeks we’ll be showcasing our favorite travel and camping gear for pups just in time for summer trips.