The White Board is Back Baby!…DIY Framed Weekly Menu Plan (free printable)

If you scour Pinterest or Houzz kitchens all you see these days are diy black chalkboards, (and they are everywhere)! But what if you’re not ready to commit to painting your cabinets with black chalkboard paint? What if you’re a renter? What if you just have really ugly handwriting? Originally I wanted a sexy black, chalkboard cabinet too, but then had to ask the question, “what would I really use it for?” The next step was logical, a weekly menu planning board! Yet before jumping into the land of chalkboard with both feet, and go crazy with paint. I decided to just dip the feet in and see if I’d actually keep up a weekly menu plan in the kitchen. Forget the chalk, we’re bringing back the white board marker!

free weekly menu planner

I have to give credit to the hubby for this project and a recent discussion we had. Over the past several months he’s felt a little left out of the weekly menu planning process. In all my nerdy excitement over couponing and meal planning this past year. The weekly menu consisted of scratched notes in my Busy People Budget binder.  I had overlooked his desire to be part of the planning process. We figured this board, would allow the two of us to work together, make changes, and both contribute to the weekly menu.

Also the intended surface in our kitchen has an old telephone jack, hiding it versus removal seemed the better option for two insanely busy people.

free weekly menu planner 5

This project was so incredibly simple, no mad crafting skills necessary. Just find a big picture frame with a glass insert that you have around the house, some patterned paper or even use wrapping paper like we did. Print out our Free Weekly Menu Planner.

Free Weekly Menu Plan printable

Weekly Menu

Then tape the planner to your patterned paper with double stick tape and place in said frame.

free weekly menu planner 1free weekly menu planner 2

Hang and you’re ready to start  weekly menu planning. Super simple, inexpensive, and a great first step to turning a money saving/organization goal into a habit. You’ll just need a fine tipped white board pen, to get started.

free weekly menu planner 4

This is a great alternative to paint and diying a chalkboard.(Plus no ugly chalk smears.) A little windex and/or a paper towel and you’re ready for the next week! Happy Sunday everyone!free weekly menu planner