Is your Mail Slot ready for the holidays?

mail slot 003

One of the lessons I’ve learned from marriage, is that its often the little things that make hubbies happy. A particular little thing was installing our new interior mail slot with dampener/door. Here is a before pic…

mail slot 001

Hubs may have to fight for the remote, but he is the King of the Thermostat. Always checking vents, hvac, filters, etc, are his thing and with good riddance. (See I grew up in a household of “if you’re cold layer on a fifth sweater”) I don’t touch a thermostat if my life depended on it, and so I will happily relinquish this responsibility to the hubs. A duty which he takes very seriously. So much so, here is what our mail slot looked like last winter and through the summer…mail slot 002

Oh yes, that’s a freakin towel shoved up our mail slot! Not trashy at all right? Well this is where I had to agree with hubby, the mail slot was creating a decent draft in our living room, so the towel stayed. Luckily my awesome father in law created this lovely mail slot cover with door. It acts as a fabulous draft barrier against the winter chill and covers up the ugliness. (We’ll have to post his How to on the project page soon) Ultimately this little gift from the father in law made the hubs very, very happy. Whats even better is that it looks original to our mid century home. mail slot 004

Then during the roof “house arrest” a very bored wife installed the mail slot with glue, a few nails and silicon sealant around the edges.mail slot 003

Thanks pops in law for a fabulous alternative to the towel, and now a Christmas card worthy mail slot!