Mini Make-over: Kitchen Light Box

Our kitchen is in the process of some big changes…But right now it’s still in a very awkward phase. Like “prom was a month too early before the braces came off” kind of phase.

20140329-205103.jpg The 80s light box fixture does not help. In the future, we intend to have the kitchen/dining room ceilings professionally textured like the rest of the house. (We may even consider a skylight.) However because of our previous ceiling experience we know this may come at a high price tag. Which means the light box is here to stay…At least for now…


Therefore it needed a mini (very low cost) make over. Like the kind that cost only $12 plus tax. First we decided to add some detail around the top edge of the fixture in order to pseudo-match the trim of the cabinets.


20140329-212716.jpg A few finishing nails, foam trim and some caulk and we had faux crown moulding.
Next step was to soften the lighting to match the original 1948 fixtures. Instead of buying all new plastic inserts for $9 per sheet, (for a project we plan to rip out at some point) we opted for using glass etching spray.

20140329-213137.jpg We sprayed about three coats on the smooth side of each piece to reduce the harsh “ice” texture.

Lastly we painted the wood with white primer to give the light a better surface to reflect off of.

Overall quite a lighting difference for a few dollars and very little diy. We of course plan to paint the box the same color as the ceiling once the final colors are decided, but for now the kitchen is less cave-like. Thanks everyone for hanging in there, through all our awkward stages of diy renovation. Us and the dogs promise our little 1948 ugly duckling will be a beautiful swan someday soon. Happy Sunday everyone!