How to display dog decor and not be that “crazy dog lady”

Ok, our friends know we’re big fans, of the wet noses and furry kids…However we don’t want the house decor “dog centric.” Therefore to clear up any confusion here are some of my dog decor tips without being that “crazy dog lady”

1. Stake out one small corner of your house. In this case we have this over-sized ugly built in. It was just this wall of orange shelves. See before pic:

built in before pic

(Don’t judge this was before we moved in. We are still trying to figure out what we’re going to do with it. Unfortunately we’ve found the extra storage, shelves and desk are pretty functional, so a complete knock down is not an option right now)

2. Mix in and re-use some of your other home decor so it doesn’t seem entirely dog focused. ┬áRather think dog, use decor that reminds you of them. Our dogs are all about chasing squirrels and sticks so I displayed a little metal squirrel nutcracker grandma gave us and added a large piece of polished wood.

built in squirrel built in stick

3. Why not give it function? Display those dog treats proudly! Your furry kids need a cookie jar too. (We reused some of our wedding cookie jars for dog treats and bones)

built in bones

Sweet! Dog decor subtly displayed and ugly built in looking a bit better…

ipone pics 080 watermark