Spring Has Sprung…Let’s Set Them Free!

We actually had a question come our way…“Did your technique for protecting those tropical plants from frost work?”

We decided this would be a great time to put the paint brushes down, celebrate spring, and also our plants survived the winter!

In case you weren’t here for our how-to, we tried a technique that used burlap and wooden stakes. We then stapled the burlap to the stakes, essentially creating a burlap wrap for each potted plant. Then we dumped dried, fallen leaves around the base of each plant. The technique was budget friendly, super easy and honestly…We thought it would never work. (It was a cold and very dry winter; not the best conditions for tropical plants)

Now we’re hooked! The plants made it through! Overall there were a few frost bitten leaves that were exposed to the elements (outer leaves not fully protected)



Yet the plants are already recovering and new growth replacing the old. We’re not sure how well this technique would work in colder climates, but we dipped into the low 30s-high 20s at times. The only downside was having to sweep and dump leaves away in the spring, but worth it for saving our tropical plants from frost.

We hope you are enjoying the first days of spring, and are so excited to unveil some projects in the coming weeks! Happy Sunday everyone!