Driftwood Wall Art

We are living f-r-u-g-a-l-l-y these days! As much as I’d love’on some newer Ikea wall prints and frames, I decided free wall art is better…

signs and office update 001

Here’s the How to break down on this fab freebie…

1. We had some metal braces and left over wood from the fences, so basically I lined them up, and screwed the wood together from behind. (What was so fabulous about using fence wood is that it is unfinished and imperfect, no distressing required. Yay!) Then stained the wood with Minwax Wood finish stain in gray, to give it the look of driftwood.

2. Later I stole the hub’s projector from the mancave, used microsoft Word and a sharpie to stencil the writing.

ipone pics 135

3. Then with left over interior white paint, (Glidden pebble white) hand painted the stenciled writing.

ipone pics 139

4. Once dried, I added picture frame hardware and wire to the back, and DONE! Wannabe- Driftwood Wall Art! Office/Guest room walls are completely decorated! Not bad for a freebie!

signs and office update 001