Pillow Talk…

In a stroke of good luck, and timing we were able to score some Hampton Bay deep seat cushions at a great deal! I’d been eyeing the outdoor furniture at Home Depot for the past several weeks, and hoping for end of summer sales. Normal price per two cushions $59 each…Ouch!

oar curtains and dog bed pillows 002

Finally after weeks of waiting we found our Hampton Bay cushions in cream for $33 each. Follow that price with a gift card and they were almost free…Yay! (Again, let the snoopy dance commence!)

Now here they are in their new home…

oar curtains and dog bed pillows 043

oar curtains and dog bed pillows 030

We knew outdoor cushions are pretty sturdy and stains can be easily wiped away. Also the cushions are incredibly comfortable. Luckily we found two little decorative pillows to tie the gray bench seat and yellow/cream cushions together. These came in a two-pack at Marshall’s for $16.99.

oar curtains and dog bed pillows 038

I was also playing around with alternative fabrics for re-upholstering the bench seat. Here are the new cushions against tan colored linen. (Above) However we’re still not sure what our new color scheme will be for the kitchen. Until then we’ll hold off on the custom pillow and cushion covers. (Admittedly I need to hone my sewing skills first.)

All in all a very sweet deal and very simple update!

TV Stand Turned Wine Rack (Ikea Hack)

This is just a little spin off from the in progress Mancave Makeover… We are all about recycle, reuse, and re-purpose. Primarily because of our very little home renovation budget. ¬†We had this old Ikea book cabinet/TV stand from our first home. I had hung some curtains in it just to hide the mountains of mismatched textbooks (Seen below in a First Home Flashback)

wine rack 1

Then it was passed on to the garage for storing odds and ends…(seen below)

before garage pic4

Finally after searching the stores for inexpensive wine racks that could handle 50+ bottles (We had a lot of left over wine from the wedding). Most costing $50 and up!

I found my way to home depot and bought about 20+ ft worth of wooden dowels and battery operated LED lights. (Total cost just under $25) Cutting the dowels by hand and to the width of the shelves, hammering them in, and attaching the lights with sticky tape…VOILA! Beat up Ikea shelving to basement wine cellar.

wine rack 2